Fraud Prevention Tips Don't Feed the Sharks

Foreign bad actors are running scams that resemble offensive psychological operations. These scams deliberately target certain populations and can take tens of thousands of dollars from a person in one day.
Simple Tips to Avoid a Scam:

1. Do not call a number from an email, text message or computer pop up
2. Call numbers from your latest Statement or the company’s verified website.
3. If they will not let you off the phone, it is a scam. Hang up and call back later after you have talked to a friend about it.
4. If a company needs you, they will mail you a letter - Just like your ex-wife’s
5. Never pay anyone in GIFT CARDS of any kind.
If you think you have been scammed:

1. Hang up the phone and call someone you trust. You can always call someone
2. Go to the bank or call all your financial institutions, tell them you were targeted in a scam, put a "freeze” on your accounts, and notify all three credit bureaus.
3. If your computer was compromised, get the "remote access virus” deleted from
your computer.
4. If you were successfully scammed, you will be put on a list and repeatedly
targeted going forward. Be cautious and check with a trusted friend if the
situation is suspicious.