We are Building a Disc Golf Course

- 11/6/2022

VFW Post 7119 Mission

The mission of the VFW is to foster camaraderie among United States veterans of overseas conflicts. To serve our veterans, the military, and our communities. To advocate on behalf of all veterans.

In support of this mission, VFW Post 7119 is working with the community to provide additional recreational attractions in Lawrence, including a disc golf courseDonations and sponsorships will go toward supporting the post and this mission.

Why a disc golf course?

A disc golf course is one of the most economically efficient and productive investments for sports and recreation. Few other park and recreation options are as affordable and will get as much regular use by a diverse population as disc golf. With a low cost of entry and a fun learning curve, people of all ages and backgrounds play disc golf. Disc golf is a healthy activity that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. The area used for a disc golf course can be multipurpose and often share space with other recreational spaces.

Our Plan

Install a quality 18-hole disc golf course and memorial trail on our twenty-six acres of property. The course will be free and open to the public. Areas of the course/trail will be dedicated to a different military themes and VFW values. The trail and part of the course will be made as accessible as possible so the therapeutic property of being active in nature can be utilized by disabled veterans.

The growth of new players has quickly outpaced the construction of new courses, and the northeast side of Indianapolis is becoming a disc golf hub. Our course has the potential to be one of the most popular courses in Indianapolis. We are working with leaders in the community to design the best possible course our land can support. It has several unique features such as dense mature woods, a beautiful creek, and elevation changes. The post also has a meeting hall that can be used for indoor putting league during the winter months -- a feature no other local courses have.


I know and support the VFW but what is Disc Golf?


Short answer: Disc golf is played much like golf except, instead of a ball and clubs, players use a flying disc. The sport was formalized in the 1970s and shares with golf the object of completing each hole in the fewest strokes (or, in the case of disc golf, fewest throws). PDGA for more info.

Long answer: Why tell you about it when I can show you. Check out these great links.

2021 World Championships Short Cut - If you only watch one video watch this one.
Full Coverage of the last 9 holes of the 2022 World Championship -  Getting hooked? Watch this.
Intro To Disc Golf - A short introduction to disc golf.


When will it be done?

Short answer: Hopefully grand opening Fall 2023. We think a Veterans Days event sounds cool.
Long answer: Never...? We will always be working on it and improving it. We do not know what the course will look like when we do the grand opening but we want 18 baskets with 18 concrete tee pads. Long term we want long and short tee pads. We want cool stuff for the memorial trail and that will take time.

Who can play on the course?

It will be free and open to the public after the grand opening. I am sure we will need to close the course from time to time for post events but in general open to the public.

 What is this early access thing?

Until the grand opening the course/property is closed to the public. But as a thank you to supporters  they will have early access. Do not expect a full nice disc golf course.

I am interested in being a sponsor but I have some general questions.

Thank you for your interest! Please feel free to call Rudolph directly (765-318-9533) or we can meet at the post walk the property. If you want to support us but one of the sponsorship options does not match with what you would like to do please reach out. We are excited to form as many partnerships as possible and we want them to be productive for both sponsors and us.